Ethan Hart guitars

Ethan Hart is a high-performance brand of electric guitars dedicated to the needs of musically aggressive players, whether you play metal, hard rock or blues. The guitar body is constructed overseas very much the way we would construct a high-end guitar in America; three piece maple neck, 17 degree headstock angle, ebony fingerboard, capped heel and violin -style arch. The guitar is then fitted with premium professional components such as Seymour Duncan Blackout Pickups, the Original Floyd Rose vibrato made in Germany( the real deal) or the Resomax wrap around bridge, and Grover machine heads. To insure the optimum in string action and performance, the frets are dressed on the Plek machine. The guitar will then be sold direct-to-you, without the added cost created by a chain of middlemen. The result, I believe, is exceptional performance at a truly reasonable price.
The introduction of Ethan Hart, as my first private brand, is not only a dream come true, but a commitment to you and all players who have made the guitar such a big part of their lives. My company pledges that we will work hard to deliver to our customers the best design, craftsmanship and service possible. We also hope that over time, our passion for Ethan Hart Guitars will also become yours.